Johanna Warwick

Johanna Warwick is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design MFA Photography 2010, and Ryerson University BFA in photography 2006. She is a British born, Canadian raised photographer now working and living in Baton Rouge, LA where she is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Louisiana State University. She has exhibited in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and other major cities across North America. She was most recently exhibited in Freshat Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn NY, and was a selected artist by Lesley A. Martin as part of her Guest Room curating for Der Greif online magazine. Today we’re sharing Johanna’s series All That Love Allows.

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All That Love Allows

This series of photographs about my family is titled All That Love Allows. These photographs are a very personal investigation of the changing relationships within my family. Photographing my Mom, Dad, and two brothers I am examining how aging and distance has changed our relationships, and how the lines of what I believe are normal have become blurred. It is a curious and strange time in our family as my mother is now aging and ailing and we, as her children, now care for her. My father holds onto the idea of my brothers and me as young children while my younger brother is neither child nor man. I still long for the days when we could all still fit and cuddle in the same bed on Saturday mornings. The expectations between children and parents have been curiously, and questionably reversed. These photographs are about the sadness and confusion of illness and aging, nostalgia for childhood, and an insecurity about the future. To make these photographs I stage my family within the family home in poses and situations that are from my memories, reflecting real and imagined occurrences. Theyare the staged family photograph, referencing both a theatre in photography as well as the familiarity of family snapshots.

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To view more of Johanna’s work, please visit her website.