Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson is an artist and educator currently undertaking a PhD at Deakin University. His research interests include photographic authorship, index and materialism in the digital age. Todd is a casual lecturer at Deakin University and Australian Catholic University in the Department of Photography and Visual Arts. 

johnson_todd_01_'Evidence #31'_2016

johnson_todd_02_'Evidence #89'_2015

johnson_todd_03_'Evidence #241'_2015

The Archaeology of Urban Spaces

These materialist photographs are the result of collaboration between the camera and the urban landscape. On a technical level, I have collected various articles from the landscape, and then placed them inside my Rolleiflex medium format camera. Shards of glass, a discarded ribbon, plastic wrappers, local plants, tree sap, a caterpillar; these materials and live creatures have fallen directly on top of the photographic emulsion, leaving their trace as an ‘in-camera photogram’. The subject is literally inside the camera as it is re-distributed and projected onto the picture plane of the same location where it was originally found. This ongoing collaboration is an attempt to reclaim control over the camera apparatus, by allowing elements of the landscape to more overtly steer the photographic authoring process. What results is a highly unpredictable visual arrangement that falls somewhere between intention and chance.

johnson_todd_04_'Evidence #322'_2016

johnson_todd_05_'Evidence #78'_2015

johnson_todd_06_'Evidence #401'_2016

johnson_todd_07_'Evidence #198'_2016

johnson_todd_08_'Evidence #359'_2015

johnson_todd_09_'Evidence #400'_2016

johnson_todd_10_'Evidence #262'_2016

johnson_todd_11_'Evidence #203'_2016

johnson_todd_12_'Evidence #170'_2016

johnson_todd_13_'Evidence #199_2016

johnson_todd_14_ 'Evidence #17'_2016

johnson_todd_15_'Evidence #56'_2016

To see more of Todd’s photographs, please visit his website.