Liam Quigley

I first met Liam in the summer of 2011 in New York. We both worked for a great emerging photographer, Emiliano Granado. Today Liam and I are in different cities doing very different things. We didn’t talk much while we worked together and we don’t talk much now, but I have always respected Liam and the work that he makes. I couldn’t be happier to show his work on the website. Liam Quigley (b. 1990) is a New York based artist working primarily in photography and video. His work explores urban identity, the texture of the urban environment and the struggle of living in the city. Today we share a selection of images from an ongoing series that will soon be made into a publication. 

lquigley-01 lquigley-08 lquigley-10 lquigley-15 lquigley-19

New York City is a different place than when we were kids. There’s a lot more money here and more comes in everyday, and a lot of has been lost because of it. But there’s a lot of our city that’s still there. These images aren’t nostalgic but they’re me trying to look underneath a new facade where many of the same people and infrastructure still live and function in a fucked up harmony.

lquigley-20 lquigley-26 lquigley-32 lquigley-41 lquigley-42 lquigley-45 lquigley-47 lquigley-71

To see more of Liam’s work, visit his website.