Dylan Johnston

Dylan Johnston has spent years hopping fences, meeting strangers, and exploring areas lesser known. His love for adventure started at a young age fishing off the coast of Florida with his father and exploring small towns with friends. This inherent love for adventure has helped shape his style of photography and cinematography and has developed his passion for creating adventure and documentary work. The personal connections he makes with his subjects allow Dylan to capture their uniqueness and beauty on film, an original lens by which to tell their story. Dylan has several years of experience working on professional shoots both in studio and on location for all mediums. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Today we share a selection of images from his recent trip to South Africa.

dylan_johnston_1 dylan_johnston_2 dylan_johnston_3

What initially brought me to South Africa was a quick photo job, but what made me stay a week longer was my desire to see a country I’ve heard so much about.

Staying in Cape Town, I made sure to join the locals and other tourists at the top of Table Mountain to enjoy the sunset with a few bottles of local wine, where the clouds fall off the ends of the mountain and create a “table cloth” as the sunsets. Bouncing around Cape Town staying in different Air B&B’s we met a handful of locals who were some of the nicest people I’ve met and were able to explore a few neighborhoods along the coast either by walking from town to beach or taking a quick cab along cliff sides and crashing ocean to the next town in its own cove. With tide pools all along the coast we could cool off from the day’s heat and enjoy spectacular views. Later heading further South across the peninsula and down the coast to Kalk Bay where I could walk the docks and try to speak with the local fishermen filleting their days catch and serving it at the nearby restaurant where I ate it for dinner.

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South Africa’s people were warm and inviting, it’s food and wine was delicious and plentiful, and it’s landscape was some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Being a tourist in a new country is always fun, especially one as beautiful as South Africa where there was no shortage of scenery that I wanted to capture through my lens.

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