Thomas McCarty

Thomas McCarty is a photographic artist living and working in New York City. His work assesses the normative space of the American Suburbs and the existing power dynamics in place. In focusing on the dominant and obedient roles between a handler and their dog, as well as his own relationship with his partner, McCarty reveals a greater truth about control in the Midwest and the herd’s desire to be led. McCarty’s work has been published in C★NDY Magazine, The Printed Dog, and Le Roy, as well as regular contributions to Dazed Digital. Thomas’ work can be seen in an upcoming group exhibition at Los Ojos Gallery in June.


The photographs in this body of work target suburban repertoire and American tropes, often times with a jab of irony or cryptic homoerotism. These images appear both ambiguous and indexical, allowing the surface of the reading to be straight-forward, while simultaneously recognizing and critiquing the privilege of a normative suburban space. I’m interested in the power dynamics that constructed my world-view at a young age and how they echo throughout America. By concentrating on the relationship between “man” and “dog”, a dominant and obedient role is established. By leaving the Midwest and recognizing my own queer identity, I’ve been able to gain a critical distance and see these roles reflected on a larger scale. My work aims to call attention to control and push against the hegemonic.

Thomas_McCarty_03 Thomas_McCarty_04 Thomas_McCarty_05 Thomas_McCarty_07 Thomas_McCarty_08 Thomas_McCarty_09 Thomas_McCarty_10 Thomas_McCarty_11 Thomas_McCarty_12 Thomas_McCarty_13 Thomas_McCarty_15 Thomas_McCarty_16 Thomas_McCarty_17 Thomas_McCarty_18 Thomas_McCarty_19 Thomas_McCarty_20 Thomas_McCarty_21 Thomas_McCarty_22

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