Jordan Tiberio

New York City based photographer Jordan Tiberio (born Rochester, NY 1992) is less a photographer than a scientist whose subjects gently blossom underneath the lens zoom of her microscope. She discovers things otherwise unseen, buried, emotions so small you can feel her holding her breath as she observes them. Like magnified images of sand particles, her subjects are at once exquisite and otherworldly, but unlike the cold images of a scientist, Tiberio’s works are charged with affection, pulling her viewer into her blanket of empathy.

She received her BFA in photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2015. Her work has been the recipient of numerous awards, most recently the Macy’s/ Gordon Parks Foundation Award, and has been the topic of many articles for publications such as The Huffington Post, Vans Girls, and Vanity Fair Italia to name a few.


Film still from Undulation


Film still from Undulation


Film still from Undulation


Film still from Undulation


Film still from Undulation

Liquid Mirrors

“Liquid Mirrors” is an ongoing project— started in 2013— where I use mylar to photograph the reflections of my subjects. I am mimicking the medium of oil painting through a digital practice, while speaking about reflections and how they distort our perceptions of reality. Crafting these images sparked my experimentation with layering subjects in front of my lens to create quizzically surreal photographs without the use of Photoshop.

A professor from my undergrad gave me my first piece of mylar my sophomore year of college, which I had tacked to my wall for three years. I started off photographing friends in my dorm room reflected in this magical paper while I figured out how to perfect the lighting and tackle other challenges that came along with photographing a reflection. Quickly mastering the process of photographing stills, I eventually moved to making short films using the process. The final product of my first endeavor into this world is titled Undulation.











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