Patrick Woodling

Patrick Woodling is an 19 year old photographer originally from Houston, Texas. At the age of ten, Patrick moved from the suburbs to a small rural town called Fulshear, Texas. The farm life was not satisfying, as Patrick found no interest in feeding horses and goats. His heart remained with a passion he had held for a long time – Skateboarding. At age 16, Patrick finally got his drivers license and frequently made the hour-long drive to Houston where he would skate with his friends, always making sure to document their experience. Now studying at Austin Community College, Patrick is building upon his already strong portfolio. His recent series documenting his close friends is a tasteful juxtaposition of the assumed lifestyle of skateboarding and the tender, unfamiliar moments that exist within. 


Ben's tattoo

Ben’s Tattoo

Casey gazing in park

Casey Gazing in Park

“I began taking note of how my friends interacted with each other. There was a sense of brotherhood and a organic chemistry I shared with my friends. I attempted to avoided disturbing this bond, simply observing day by day. My work depicting a cross between intimacy and chaos. A softer glance into the defiant culture of skateboarding.”

James grinds electical box moments before property owner dials p

James Grinds Electical Box Moments Before Property Owner Dials Police

Downtown green light

Downtown Green Light

Greer in February

Greer in February

Cody bleeding on hill

Cody Bleeding on Hill

James cruising at dusk

James Cruising at Dusk

Friends watch as Tim "ollies"

Friends Watch as Tim “Ollies”

Cody crawling out

Cody Crawling Out

Taylor riding in truck bed

Taylor Riding in Truck Bed

Zach in parking garage

Zach in Parking Garage

Marco in the morning

Marco In The Morning

James lounges in tree as Zach grinds ledge

Nick before sunset

Nick Before Sunset

To view more of Patrick’s work, please visit his website.