Kate Joyce

Kate Joyce is a visual artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She studied photojournalism and sociology at San Francisco State University; Spanish in Guatemala and Chile; and documentary photography at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. She received a Lewis Hine Documentary Initiative Fellowship in 2004 during which she created photographic works with a local non-governmental organization in Bloemfontein, South Africa. 

Between 2006-2009 she worked for the renowned architectural photography studio, Hedrich Blessing, based in Chicago, Illinois. In 2010 she started Kate Joyce Studios and continues to work with clients on architectural and design projects. Since 2011, Kate has worked on long-term, multi-creator art documentary projects with writer Sam Stephenson, director of Rock Fish Stew Institute of Literature and Materials. Projects include, Bull City Summer and Big Ears/Big, Bent Ears. Today we share her series, Soliloquies.

Sunlight bouncing off someone wearing red, Somewhere between Chicago and San Francisco, 2012

Yi, Yi, Jaipur, India, 2010

Nosebleed, Chicago, Illinois, 2011


Soliloquies is a collection of color photographs made between 2008-2013. The photographs are drawn from an ongoing daily practice to discover emotional truths and fundamental qualities animating my work. I photograph the people, places and things that surround me. The photographic encounters are unplanned and impulsive. I sift and sequence my work intuitively based on compositional rhythms and imaginative narratives. As I review larger groupings of my photographs over time, they appear not only to be of the visual world but also aligned with qualities and experiences I have difficultly expressing in any other way. Recurring themes emerge – whimsy, anonymity, tenderness, solitude. The title of this body of work refers to a theatrical technique defined when a character speaks aloud to oneself allowing the audience to glimpse their inner thoughts and feelings. The photographs in this series are inner dialogues with the outer world.

Omar’s Burmese python on Fry Street, Chicago, Illinois, 2010

Valentine’s Day, Chicago, Illinois, 2009

RC, Chicago, Illinois, 2012

Salt, Chicago, Illinois, 2013

Perimeter, One World Trade Center, New York, 2012

Powerwash at Augusta & Hoyne, Chicago, Illinois, 2011

Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, California, 2012

Tree removal, Chicago, Illinois, 2012

Goose Island, Chicago, Illinois, 2011

Landscape Study/Rural Plains, I-29, South Dakota, 2011

Kate has exhibited nationally and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Rick Wester Fine Art, New York, NY, RTKL Chicago Gallery, Chicago, IL and Duke University, Durham, NC. Kate’s work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review Daily, Harper’s Magazine, Architect Magazine, Manoa Journal and The New York Times.

Kate’s photographs can be found in the collections of The Museum of New Mexico Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, NM; North Carolina Museum of Art; Duke University Perkins Library Special Collections & Rare Archive, Durham, NC; The Cassilhaus Collection; and the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, New York, NY.

Kate is represented by Rick Wester Fine Art, NYC

To see more of Kate’s work please visit her website.