Ben Davis

Ben Davis is a visual artist living and working in the NYC area. He is a recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied Fine Art Photography. His work explores the way ordinary objects can be given new connotations through photography and begin to represent something greater than themselves. In addition to photography he also binds books and enjoys the way different print substrates lend different meanings to an image. He has participated in group shows around the United States and recently just helped to curate an exhibition and design a book consisting of work created by college students in New York State. The book, Draft 13, was a way to bridge the gap between photography students in New York.





The term subconscious has multiple interpretations. It can be used to refer simply to an idea or topic that is hidden beneath what we refer to as consciousness, or it can allude to the notion that we all have another sphere of consciousness that we are entirely unaware of and unable to control. It is a presence that is always with us.
I feel an impulse when deciding to make a photograph or not. By becoming more aware of that nagging sensation and immediately acting on it I am able to notice patterns in the photographs I am making. I photograph an object such as a security camera not because I am afraid of somebody watching me, but because I know that someone can if they choose to. The security camera itself becomes a new presence and is connected to a peculiar feeling when displayed out of context. Trivial objects are given a new connotation and begin to suggest a presence that others might miss but is ubiquitous.
Our reality is influenced by the subconscious, which is unique to each person and is a constant companion yet we are never able to isolate and investigate it. I hope to bring into my own awareness this presence in my everyday surroundings in order to gain a better understanding of it.













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