Amardeep Singh

 Amardeep Singh is a photographer, visual designer, and “miscellaneous creative” born, raised, educated, working and currently living in Queens, New York. A self-taught artist, his personal work explores elements of his own mental consciousness and subconsciousness, and is an attempt at studying his own brain’s processing system by giving complete creative control to his instinct and viewing the outputted work as objectively as possible, while also presenting it outwardly to get some help in dissecting himself. His clients include, Urban Outfitters, Complex, Kraft Magazine, and Human Being Journal, among others. He has published three zines and is currently working on his first book, Tabun, which he hopes to release in fall of 2016.

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Tabun / たぶん

Tabun is a series of photos taken in Japan from December 2014 to February 2015. During those three months I often spent somewhere around 4-5 hours per day walking around alone in whichever city I was in, usually with no destination in mind, with no real purpose in mind, looking for something. I was not and still am not sure what I was looking for, or whether it was physical or emotional, tangible or intangible. I frequenly found myself attracted to still, quiet, colorful scenes, many times tucked away in corners on otherwise empty streets. I felt and still feel there is an allusion to what I was looking for in these scenes, and because of this feeling I took photos of them. This collection of photos is an attempt at learning more about my subconscious or conscious desires by looking closer at my instinctual observations and the system with which I am placing value on the visuals in my life.

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