Megan Magill

Megan Magill is an artist based in Chicago and Maine. She is currently an MFA candidate at Maine Media College with an anticipated graduation date of Nov 2016. Her work has been exhibited nationally and featured on the Curated Fridge, Streihthouse Space and Float magazine. Her project the Habit of Winning was recently featured on F-Stop Magazine and in 2 print publications by LDOC in Chicago. Her work is all photo based but its final resolution includes screenprinted images, solvent based transfers and installations which include found and hand-made objects. Summing up her work she states that she is not interested in finding absolute answers to how and who we should be in this world but instead strives to question the things we take as given and in so doing hopes to make space for a more expansive understanding of who we are and can be.




My Business is Circumference

Humans instinctively turn their perceptions of the world into concrete structures that are comforting but ultimately artificial. By becoming aware of the fictitious nature of the order we impose we free ourselves of the need for –and the comfort of-a single authoritarian vision to how and who we should be in this world. Life is …much to our dismay…unstable…layered…contingent..inconsistent..coincident and dissolving. Paradoxically when we embrace this ambiguity and let go of our attempts at certainty we are not thrown into the abyss but rewarded with the realization that we are not alone. My Business is Circumference is a visual analogy to the fact that around every circle another can be drawn.











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