Mathew Scott

Mathew was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Soon after graduating high school, he decided it was time to leave Portland, so he packed a suitcase and purchased a Greyhound ticket to San Francisco. After a few “figuring it all out” moments, he began taking classes at the Academy of Art where he decided it was time to pursue his passion for photography. He hasn’t looked back since. He currently splits his time between Los Angeles and San Francisco working as a portrait / lifestyle photographer for editorial and commercial clients.

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The Concrete River

I recently released a preview of my latest project, The Concrete River that follows the roughly 48 miles of the Los Angeles River that weaves through the urban sprawl and diverse neighborhoods of LA. The images featured here are from a stretch known as the Glendale Narrows, located in Northeast LA running through Atwater, the edge of Elysian Park and Glendale. Like most sections of the river, it allows you to escape the city without leaving your neighborhood simply by hopping a fence and walking down the concrete embankment. I will be releasing more images throughout the year as I continue to shoot and explore this long winding slab of concrete and water.

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To view more of Matthew’s work please visit his website.