Ian Lewandowski

Today we share another submission from our last call for entry, Metropolis. Ian Lewandowski is a photographer and visual artist born in Northwest Indiana, and presently living and working in Brooklyn with his partner Anthony and their dog Seneca. He received his BFA from Pratt in 2014. His work is about histories of pictures, bodies, and communities. He also writes, sews, crochets, and co-curates Slow Youth.

1-the-healer-2016 2-dave-without-glasses-2015 3-homecoming-4-2015

This is an ongoing body of photographic works about Northwest Indiana where I was born, a region of the United States heavily affected by a period of postindustrial degradation commonly known as the Rust Belt. One particularly interesting part of this history is that between 1960 and -70, when my parents’ hometown doubled in population while surrounding communities suffered heavy losses. Appropriating visual archives native to the region as well as taking new photographs there and remotely provides for me a platform for analysis of its (my) history and present state.

4-meet-your-professor-2015 5-olive-after-hujar-2015 6-grass-2015 7-selections-from-reflector-2016-ongoing 8-reaching-2016 9-olive-on-an-island-2016 10-inland-2015 11-steel-2-2015 12-indy-500-2-3-2015 13-uproot-2015 14-reflector-50-2015 15-the-healer-2015-2

To see more of Ian’s work, please visit his website.