Nicholas Szczepanik

Nicholas Szczepanik is an artist living in Chicago with his partner and his cat. Born in 1986, he was raised on a farm in Maryland and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. He has yet to leave the city and continues to shoot 35mm film daily—something he’s been doing now for 15 years.

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The fear and joy in the everyday. Time’s impact. This is what drives me. As a poet, I approach a scene with an equal investment in narrative and image. I am intrigued by the in-between moments. The seemingly incidental ones that have the power to become ingrained: a back turned, a disquieting stillness, something discarded—all evidence of life’s fickle ways. What is there to glean from these little things?

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To see more of Nicholas’s work, please visit his website.