Loek Buter

Loek Buter (1982, The Netherlands) is a documentary and fine art photographer. He grew up in a small town on a family farm in a Dutch ´polder´, three meters under sea level. After discovering photography he moved away from the countryside to live in Amsterdam and graduated in documentary and portrait photography at Photo Academy Amsterdam. After his graduation Loek moved back to the countryside in an old farmhouse with his girlfriend and two daughters, to live among the fields of grass, cows, windmills and dykes.

Loek is currently working as a free lance photographer for Dutch newspaper Het Parool. His self published book Sons of the Meadowlands was published at the blog In A Clearing and shortlisted at the Unseen Dummy Award and the Photo Academy Grant in 2014. The series Vogelkinderen is currently exposed, published in the Dutch Newspaper Trouw and featured online at Fotoroom. 

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As a documentary photographer I am interested in telling stories about the influence of landscapes on individuals and their communities. My projects are social landscape stories. For me the beauty is in the little stories that I find traveling through a landscape. The beauty in everyday life. In photography I try to find a state of calmness beyond the speed and movement of modern times. The tranquility of the still image stripped away from all chaos.

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Titel: Dave & Tristan (kerkuil) Serie: Vogelkinderen. Begeleidende tekst: Vanaf het moment dat Rik de parkiet op zijn jongenskamer leerde om van de kooi naar het bed te vliegen, besloot hij valkenier te worden. In het weekend en de schoolvakanties werkt hij dan ook als vrijwilliger bij de valkenier op landgoed Hoenderdaell. Een smartphone of e-mailadres heeft Rik niet, maar wel een eigen roodstaartbuizerd.

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To see more of Loek’s work please visit his website.