Harrison Albert

As Harrison Albert grew up, he spent a lot of his time split between his hometown of Kensington Maryland and with his family in western North Carolina. In that, his passion for stock car racing grew from history in the family into a love. Ever since then, he dedicated himself to learning the sport both in and out. After he began studying photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design he realized how he could bridge his two passions. Harrison’s goal as a photographer is to tell stories about different fields and genres within America. He has traveled around the United States and has started his own creative agency to help document and create stories about businesses on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Southern Footlights

The series Southern Footlights describes a cultural landscape in which many never see, stock car racing. Within these images, the ideals of racing are portrayed through the men and women who race in boisterous conditions just for the pleasure. These racers give us a glimpse into the community created by event promoters, spectators and racers as they stride for what they all consider as the “heart of racing”. Throughout the series run the leitmotifs of cars and the racetrack around them intertwined with the emotional aspect fastened on every driver to not only win, but also make sure their car is ready for the upcoming race. Emerging from that, the idea of all or nothing shows through the cars and even some of the racetracks. The balance between pride and emotion create a drama in which the viewer can create an understanding and begin to involve themselves as part of the community and more importantly get the sense of what the competition of stock car racing truly is.

To view more of Harrison’s work please visit his website.