Jake Silby

Jake Silby is a 23 year old photographer from New Plymouth, New Zealand. He graduated from Massey University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Design with Honors, majoring in Photography. After this he spent a year living and working in New York, before returning to New Zealand where he continues to work on new projects.

Quarter Acre

This selection of photographs comes from an ongoing project based on the suburban environment that I currently reside in. An increased demand for housing in recent years has led to the construction of new residential developments adjacent to my home. I am interested in the perceived dullness of these kinds of environments, and their function as a habitat for the middle class nuclear family. While I do not necessarily contest this dullness, There are bizarre and fascinating visual tropes that exist in these housing developments, which form the thematic basis for this series of photographs.

To see more of Jake’s work, check out his website.