Neta Dror

Neta Dror is an Israeli photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She was born in Israel in 1986.
In 2011, she received her B.F.A in Photography from The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel.
Her work mostly focuses femininity in the context of the Israeli culture and the Jewish religion. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally.


In 2011 I photographed a group of 6 Israeli teenage girls, all 15 year old at the time. They all went to the same high school specializing in art and music. In 2016, I searched for the six girls, curious to see what has become of them. With the help of social media I tracked them down and asked them to be photographed again. To my surprise they were no longer close friends. They are now soldiers in the Israeli army, with some choosing national service instead. The most interesting change wasn’t the physical one but the emotional. It was incredible to see how differently they presented themselves to me and to the camera: all grew more confident and were less willing to expose themselves. It was clear they were now more aware of who they are and what part of themselves they wanted to show.

To view more of Neta’s work please visit her website.