Mac Lawrence

Mac Lawrence, born in 1990, is an Artist based in Melbourne, Australia whose practice combines photography and various media to express nonlinear, abstract narratives. As a means to better understand the history of his country and his position within contemporary society Lawrence’s images delve into intimate experiences and memories to reflect his internal conflicts of more larger, complex social issues. His images have been published in several contemporary photography magazines and has exhibited work in both within Australia and internationally.

Hidden Dispositions

Hidden Dispositions is a photographic work which critically examines the representation of masculinity in contemporary Australian society. Drawing inspiration from my personal experiences and history, the series explores my internal conflicts with the institutionalized notion of manhood and society’s perception of it. The Images were produced through the study of my surroundings adopting a metaphorical approach questioning how our understanding of the male subject has shaped and also reflect the subtle tension that exists around its conception today.

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