Corey Danieli

Corey Danieli is a photographer currently living and working in New Jersey; he received his BFA in May of 2014 from the Savannah College of Art & Design. He was born in Nutley, NJ and later settled in Verona, NJ. Exhibitions include, Silver and Ink Exhibition 2014 (group show) & Port City Review 2014 (group show). His work explores the seasonal lives of residents who live and work along the east coast of New Jersey called the “Jersey Shore.” (in particular the folks impacted from Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and a fire the very next year) the desolation caused by these disasters forced him to show case New Jersey as a place he calls home and a place of unique beauty. (contrary to popular belief) In addition to this work he continues to photograph luxury Fashion goods and documents everyday life in suburbia, while also traveling throughout the world.

Family Fun: The Seaside Boardwalk

The state of New Jersey has come together to save Seaside Heights after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. As the town battles numerous downfalls, its history and beauty resurface as it is reconstructed.
Seaside Heights, New Jersey was known for its slogan “Your home for Family Fun Since 1913!” This tourist hot spot on the New Jersey coast was the home of countless childhood memories, including many of my own. Recently, Seaside has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy, which demolished many of its famous landmarks. In addition to taking thousands of peoples homes, the town’s famous boardwalk, which brought in tourism and families, was completely demolished. Although there were great strides made to rebuild the boardwalk, a destructive fire occurred setting back the reconstruction months.

After experiencing such a depressing natural disaster, the purpose of this project is to document the restoration of such an iconic town. As the restoration of this town is taking place, traces of its history and beauty are resurfacing, showing hope of a future for this iconic New Jersey attraction. I have attached two images as base for my project. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

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