Neal Johnson

Neal Johnson (b. 1980) is a photographer and graphic designer. Born in Kansas City, Kansas but now lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky. He graduated from Sullivan University in Louisville with a degree in graphic design and has been photographing for over 10 years. Neal’s photographic vision focuses on landscapes, form, and structure. His work has been featured on Fraction Magazine, Route Collective, The American Guide.

The Town that Stood Still

Spread along the tall, grassy banks of the muddy Ohio River lies the southern Indiana town of Jeffersonville. A town that is divided between towering concrete flood walls and blighted with vast, empty and overgrown lots. The historic downtown wrapped with the original residences, has been pockmarked with hollow storefronts, vacant businesses, and foreclosed homes. The lack of an economic engine and low-cost commercial and residential sprawl to the east has been the unfortunate catalyst in the slow progression of Jeffersonville’s epicenter.

As with examining this issue, not only did I want to document the vacancy and the stillness of the towns breath, I wanted to find the beauty hidden within the lost and forgotten landscape. I wanted to find hope for the future.

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