Katie Sadie

Proudly born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 2, 1987. Katie Sadie is a Toronto based photographer and keen observer. Her work is inspired by the great photographers of the past and people she surrounds herself with in the present. A strong belief of hers is that mundane can be beautiful with the right lighting and composition. Katie aims to continue to educate others surrounding varying topics through documentary photography.

The Way South

In the early part of 2015, I moved out of the photo studio I was living and working out of. I chose to crash on a friends couch for a few months to save up as much cash as I could. I sold most of my material possessions and traded studio backdrops and random photo equipment I had accumulated that I no longer needed, for analog film. For example, you could trade me three rolls of 120mm film for one backdrop. I was saving up to purchase a van to live in while I traveled from Toronto, Ontario to Los Angeles, California. The van of my dreams turned out to be a 1988 Dodge Ram camper van. I lived in the van for a total of one year. 6 months of that year were spent in the Southern United States and the other 6 months were spent parking and sleeping behind a building in Toronto. With this trip, I planned to document everyday life as I saw it, where ever I went. I slept in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, New Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania. I was using a Pentax 6×7 loaded with the film I had traded my belongings for. The film was a combination of 120mm Ilford, Kodak and Fuji film varieties. I couldn’t afford to be picky with what I was using. By the time I arrived back in Toronto I had 70+ rolls of film to be processed. I am still sorting through and scanning the negatives. I hope to display them as a whole, in a tangible form, publicly down the road…

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