Brandon De Sha

Brandon De Sha (B. 1991) is an American photographer and visual artist born and raised in Saint Louis Missouri. In 2015, he received his AFA in Photography from Saint Louis Community College – Florissant Valley and in 2016, he received a Full tuition merit scholarship to attend Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where he hopes to earn his BFA in New Studio Practice. Currently, he lives and works in Brooklyn as part of the spring New York Studio Residency Program through AICAD and School of the Visual Arts.

American Loner

American Loner is a photographic project that began in the summer of 2016 where De Sha began documenting his suburban hometown of Florissant. The photographs were taken mostly during late night hours when the streets became silent and time stopped. The images of his childhood town in this series and general practice are often serene and desolate moments, reflective of his calm and introverted personality and how he felt growing up as a self-described outsider in the community he was raised. With the project, he addresses his chronic loneliness and introversion, viewing the work he has crafted as self-portraits of himself, minus the physical presence of self in the frame.

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