Brandon Petulla

Brandon Petulla is a recent graduate of Parsons School for Design. He just completed his degree in photography but has a wide background in graphic design and 3D modeling. Brandon’s work is about objects and the autonomous presence it brings itself in an environment. The work that he currently has produced is in rebellion against his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, although the series is more derived from objects and materiality. The photographs he creates intersects with formal connotations as they compete with his own personal experiences such as sexuality, frustrations and aggressions of mental health, and the haptic of an object. The work confuses the viewer into thinking about how the images were made. The evidence of photography gives a way to the manipulation of digital imagery. 3D modeling and printing is another form in which to explain how an object can literally be derived from nothing but a program and a printer. By exploring both Photography and 3D modeling and printing, interpolation takes places with technology and sculpture. His work is a representation of a systematic way of thinking.

It Runs In Inches

It Runs In Inches is about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the relationship the artist has with objects. Inanimate Objects are a core subject hood in his life and have been a manifestation of himself for years. This project shows his rebellion against the disorder and the tactile and haptic use of materials as well as spreading more awareness of the disorder at hand. Although this project deals with mental health, it also shows his graphic ability with design aspects and how objects have both helped his aid with OCD and the destructive nature an object brings to his disorder.

To view more of Brandon’s work please visit his website.