Dylan Hausthor

Dylan Hausthor was raised in southern Vermont in a place where his neighbors couldn’t afford residency in a trailer park. The river by his childhood home is beginning to dry up, which makes him more nervous than anything. His photographs and books are the pastime of a fool obsessed with his world, eager to reconcile the experiential by rendering it into myth. His work has been exhibited and showcased nationally and internationally by Film Festivals, the Anamorphosis Prize, Photocopy Club, Humble Arts Foundation and select galleries. After graduating with his BFA from the Maine College of Art, he founded the art book publishing project Wilt Press in the Spring of 2015 and currently works as a bookmaker, photographer, and chief editor of Wilt Magazine from a small island in Maine.

Wilted Lick

Ah, O, Alas. They find their camp amongst washed out gutters, beauty pageants bathed in candlelight and ceremonies performed for nothing and nobody. This is a hairless underbelly of a place wherein an echo of Christian talk radio is muffled by an incessant rubbing of fir needles; it almost sounds like a hymn.
These aren’t the stories of a few escapists, but myths written for those who need to listen to the fir needles and fear the radio. I’m interested in the chaos and irrationality of stories, specifically how sequential imagery can speak to them. Experience of a story is based on perspective, obscuring the chasm between documentary and artistic intent.
Wilted Lick is an attempt to render the world into myth in order to reconcile with the experiential. This pursuit is the compulsion of a fool obsessed with his world; a world filled with humans and animals utterly unable to harmonize with their surroundings. The stories echo my own experiences of family and feelings of exploited myth; they are images of people I love falling into lore.

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