Margaret Murphy

Margaret’s photography celebrates the distinguishing characteristics of geographic places – usually cities – often focusing on color, form, light and shadow. Her mode of engaging with new places leads her to understand a location through her photographic eye. She shoots in both film and digital as well as with her mobile phone, her belief being the best camera you own is the one you carry with you at all times. Margaret was born and raised in Washington, DC. She earned her BFA in Photography from SUNY Purchase School of Art+Design in 2013. She currently works as a Photo Editor in Venice Beach. Her work has shown in the DC area, including Latela Gallery and Multiple Exposures Gallery.


Margaret’s project titled HAPPY2BEHERE, most recently shown with Brooklyn based community gallery space Paradice Palase, explores Los Angeles through her phone lens as she adjusts to her new home. Her picture-making process is natural and off the cuff, capturing images in traffic or walking to work. As an East Coast transplant, she is drawn to the light of the West Coast, the mid-century architecture of Los Angeles and indigenous plant life of Southern California. The excitement of visual discovery and appreciation of those moments are what best motivate Margaret’s photography.

To view more of Margarets work please visit her website.