Ian Kline

Ian Kline was one of our many submissions to Issue No. 12: Curator’s Choice. He stood out to our editorial staff as a photographer who is going places. Young in age, his skills in image making are beyond some of the older photographers we have met over the years. – Aint–Bad

Ian Kline was born in 1994 in York, Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland where he is finishing up his BFA In photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Ian has been included in numerous group exhibitions both in the real world and on the internet and in 2016 had his first solo exhibition at Skylab Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. In 2017 Ian received the Meyer Photography Traveling Fellowship to work on a collaborative project with David Billet through the American south over the course of the next year. 

Blue Fifth (Migration Patterns of Flightless Birds)

All of this began as a personal movement and reflection through what felt to be a new land, full of new feelings; a land filled with two different kinds of heat, one being passion and the other being fear; a passion that was introduced by the unknown and by chance, and a fear that was ignited by the same elements. The further I got into this place, the more the fear began to overtake the passion. Faces I once knew receded into the darkness, while the expressions on the faces that were still visible had changed. The places that once seemed close now have barriers erected in front of them and the places themselves are starting to split at the seams. Coming into this land was the result of trying to escape the past, but trying to escape something that makes up a majority is damn near impossible. Right now, any escape feels distant. I can’t kid myself; these heats have always been here, they have just been disguised until now when these conditions of time and light have exposed them.

To view more of Ian’s photographs, please visit his website.