Bailey Dale

Bailey Dales was one of our many submissions to Issue No. 12: Curator’s Choice. She was a selection amongst our editorial staff and will no doubt go far as a photographer! – Aint–Bad

Bailey Dale’s work focuses on documenting her hometown of Amarillo, Texas. This project, titled 7 Shades of Yellow, looks at the areas of the Panhandle that have remained stagnant over the years, while also studying the shifts in personal ideology that occurred after distancing herself from the town. She was born in Amarillo, Texas in 1993 where her interest in photography began in early high school. After attending one year at Amarillo College in 2012, Bailey moved to Denton, Texas to complete her BFA in photography at the University of North Texas. During the summer of 2016, she worked as the studio coordinator for the summer season at Maine Media Workshops + College, where she assisted several renowned photographers, including Joyce Tenneson, Arlene Collins, and Richard Tuschman. Now based in Denton, Texas, Bailey is currently continuing 7 Shades of Yellow and exploring other projects. She is a member of 500X Gallery in Dallas and is working at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for the summer 2017 season.

7 Shades of Yellow

7 Shades of Yellow is a documentation of my hometown, Amarillo, TX. No longer a resident of Amarillo, I have continuously returned to reevaluate the cultural and spiritual ideologies that were imposed upon me as a young child who was raised in the heart of the “Bible Belt.” Through this project, I study my native home from a now outsider’s perspective, making images that reflect my shift in personal views as I have evolved as a person. Using my 4×5 view camera, each image in this series serves as a visual representation of my detachment from the space while also incorporating subjects that trace back to my childhood.

To view more of Bailey’s photographs please visit her website.