Erin Lee Holland

Erin Lee is originally from New Zealand, currently based in Mexico City where she works as an editorial and documentary photographer, and teaching photography.  She defines herself as a nomadic soul inspired by the unknown. Her main interest as a photographer is to meet people and interpret their stories, using photography as a creative license to approach the topics chosen to document.  Her work applies environmental portraits and landscapes to examine social issues, presented in a way that challenges the traditional format of documentary photography.

Este Lado (This Side)

Este Lado is a work in progress that collaborates with residents of the Mexican border cities of Tijuana, Mexicali, Nogales and Ciudad Juárez. Building on existing relationships, the project works closely with selected participants to portray the reality, dreams, memories and futures of the people living in these communities.

Ten years after Mexican ex-president Calderón declared a war on drugs, and in the face of the ‘Trump-era’, I am working with these people to discover and interpret what life is really like on the Mexican side of the border; through analysing and deconstructing the stereotypes of U.S. / MX border culture and the idea of the ‘American Dream’.

To view more of Erin’s work please visit her website.