Dávid Biró

In 2012, Dávid Biró completed his internship at Flashback Photostudio, where he got to know commercial photography and had the chance of meeting and working with a number of contemporary artists, later in 2016 he widened his experience in the United Kingdom, at BigSky Studios London. He currently does his Photography MA studies at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. During the previous activity he was represented in several national and international exhibitions. He won the ON_AWARD grand prize of the OFF_Festival BratislavaContemporary Photography Festival as a member of a group exhibition in 2014. He is a member of the Hungarian Photographers’ Association since 2013 and Studio of Young Photogaphers since 2014. He won the National Scholarship of Hungary in 2015-2016 and the Association of Hungarian Photographers: Photography Scholarship for 2017.

He has several ongoing projects connected to perception and visual interpretation.
He tries to find a benchmark to play with the similarity of the human sight and photography. He is interested mostly in studio photography, still lifes and object photography. His aim is to use the medium of photography in a progressive form and reveal its borders.


Self-definition works with feedbacks which help determining the place in the society. I define the personality as a malleable and neutral matter, which exists adapted to the environment. According to Physics, everything tries to approach a minimum value at equilibrium and create a stable state. The environmental principles and qualities determine the potential of this state like as a bubble taking on its general form. Likewise the functions of objects are given by its users. If you find an unfamiliar object, you try to find out its proper application and original usage. Is it possible to use a personality for a purpose other than that intended?
My photographs represents this research, the question of self-definition, the environmental effects and orientation. The external factors, the feedbacks and requirements define and deform the self, like the functions and final shape of an object are given by independent factors of it.

To view more of Dávid’s work please visit his website.