Karlis Bergs

Karlis Bergs (1990) is a Latvian photographer. He has studied photography at Andrejs Grants master class and the ISSP School(2011-13). After, He spent a year studying in The school of Art Institute of Chicago(2014) and then transferred to Brighton University(2014-16), UK for his BFA.
In his work, he tries to explore what makes us humans; he is after portraying that unexplainable link that makes us all connected. From his first series “Between the Lake and the Sea” where he explores the importance of community and its influence on surrounding nature, to his latest series “What Hath God Wrought” where he is showing all the elements that allow us to be connected no matter where we are.

Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade

On some level we all want to be somebody else, somebody special. We all look for that transformative thing, that for a moment makes us forget who we are and lets us be free from our worries. I think most people find it on some level or another – a place where they can forget who they are and become somebody else.

One of the ways of forgetting who you are is by being a sports spectator. Losing yourself in the crowd, you breathe together with everybody, you are not you. You are a part of something bigger, something more significant. Something that makes you feel like you are part of what is happening out there on a field, something that makes you forget who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are out there among thousands of people, or in front of your TV; you know that their victories are your victories.

To view more of Karlis’ work please visit his website.