James Whiting

James Whiting is a emerging photographic artist working from Melbourne, Australia. Largely focused on documentary and narrative, his work draws upon subtle humanist motives and narratives within the world, specifically those found through the mechanisms of politics and intimacy. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Photography from RMIT University in Melbourne and has had work shown in San Francisco, Melbourne, Pingyao and London, along with various small print projects around the world.

Everyone Owns A Dog.

‘Everyone Owns A Dog’ opens a channel of engagement and inquiry unto both the socio-economic and political circumstances unique to these parts of the United States.
Amplified by the recent shifts in political power and the 25th anniversary of the pivotal Los Angeles riots, this project looks at the contradictory relationship between Greater California’s fluctuating economic stability and the historically and currently insecure political forefront which has induced a diminishing sense of faith in country.

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