Ian Mahathey

Ian Mahathey is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Charlotte, NC. He received his degree in photography from Appalachian State University in 2010. After graduation he interned with Bruce Weber’s studio in Manhattan, and with Jim Megargee of MV Photo Labs. He has photographed assignments for The New York Times, ESPN The Undefeated, and Stern CRIME.

The Sound the Dryfly Makes

The dryfly is a colloquial term for cicadas that I heard growing up. Living in the south their anthem is the sound of summer. It usually starts off faint and quiet, unassuming, then escalates into a cacophony of overwhelming noise. In much the same way as the sound the dryfly makes this body of work starts off small and unassuming as it examines boys hopes, dreams, naiveté and faith, and gradually begins escalating as it asks questions about the overwhelming aspects of life. It confronts the realities of dreams, and looks at how beliefs shift and change over time as they enter into adulthood.

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