Sybren Vanoverberghe

Sybren Vanoverberghe (born in Kortrijk, 1996) is currently starting the Master programme in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium as well as an internship at Akina Books. His work is based on the translocation of places and their psychogeography. By working close to home as well as traveling to specific places to photograph, a personal view is given on the interchangeability of different locations. Deconstructed places and manipulated icons are working on an associative basis to create a new overview of the present. Recurring motifs in his works are elements of history, nature and the legacy left behind by people. The place describing character of an image is less important compared to the demystification of the subject photographed.


2099 shows images of remembrance linked to my perception on the constant evolution of history and its repetitive character. Some of the images collected for this series are photographed by chance and close to home, others were chosen to photograph on a fixed location. With time passing by, places get interchangeable, they rise and fall, dissapear and come back. The work forms a juxtaposition between elements of nature, history and places where transiency caught my attention. Amongst the places photographed are Dachau, Athens, London, Montenegro, etc.

“This then, I thought, as I looked round about me, is the representation of history. It requires a falsification of perspective. We, the survivors, see everything from above, see everything at once, and still we do not know how it was.”

-W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

To view more of Sybren Vanoverberghe’s work please visit his website.