Tony Edwards

Tony Ray Edwards was born in Spearman, Texas in 1980.  Tony is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in advertising and was self-employed as a commercial photographer from 2004 to 2010 when the changing economy required him to reconsider photography as a business. Although he worked in a commercial photography lab between 2000 and 2004, Tony is largely a self-taught, multiple-format photographer.  Currently employed as a cardiac nurse, Tony had a renewed interest in photography in 2016 while documenting a medical relief trip to Togo, West Africa.  Tony lives in the Oklahoma City area where his work as a photographer primarily focuses on the human element within the environment and combining both fact and fiction in narrative storytelling and self-expression.


There is a reason that individual notes of music and individual colors are both referred to as tones. In some people they can illicit similar emotional responses such as happiness, sadness, hope and doubt. Allegro as a photographic series is my exploration of my own synesthesia, where color and sound occupy the same place in my mind and can both tell the same story and in the same way. My appropriation of color and form are in brisk, intermingling waves such as those found in the first movement of a symphony with a crescendo and decrescendo present in the beginning and ending of the series in its entirety. At their basis, these images mark a reawakening of senses that I had disregarded in the previous few years and have come to feel anew.

To view more of Tony’s work please visit his website.