Samantha Sutcliffe

Samantha Sutcliffe was born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. In 2013 she received her B.A in Studio Art from The City College of the City University of New York. Samantha is currently residing in Portland, Oregon while she works on a long-term assignment about sex workers. Her research interests include american history, generational theories and the death of the American dream. Her first book “Selected Works” was part of the Infocus Juried Exhibition for Self-Published Books. Recent work has been published both in print and online by Vuu Studio, Oranbeg Press, Self Publish Be Happy and the Indie Photo Book Library.

Mega Nites

Mega Nites is an ongoing body of work that depicts American society, culture and media in the past decade. When looking through the photographs I am thinking about certain aspects of life that are changing. The truth of this reality is that traditions die, businesses close and signs peel away often times without leaving much behind. I use photography to visually archive, record change and remember the past. The Temptation Lounge in Detroit has since closed and the construction wall paper in Honolulu has been torn down to unveil brand new vacation rentals. I am interested in stories from all different kinds of people and places – natives from bigger cities, older generations, national parks and remote towns.

To view more of Samantha’s work please visit her website.