Jenny Rafalson

 Jenny Rafalson is a photographer based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She was born in USSR and immigrated to Israel in 1991. Received her BA from Hadassah College Jerusalem in Photographic Communications in 2013. Her work is dealing with the conflict between this to clutters, the Russian on the one hand (which I was ashamed of her for long time) and the Israeli on the other hand. In her photos she is looking on her split identity and explore her belonging filings (or lack) towards the Russian and the Israeli culture.

The House in Mira St. 15

The subjects of my photography are part of my life rather than emotionally detached objects, these are my friends, spouse, objects I found and become mine, or stories I heard from my Immediate family about habits in USSR and interpreted into photos. Through them and through their cultures I examine how I belong to a place, I examine my split identity, the identity that I was ashamed of for years. The gaps between me and my subjects allow me to contemplate the changes that I have went through, as well as the differences between myself and my subjects. These differences can be openness compared to lack of sharing and discomfiture of openness, as in the case of my parents who brought the Russian culture with them and prefer silence and introspection.

In my work I strive to turn difficulties and problems into a visual image. I try to create “order” from looking at the chaotic relationship with my spouse or with objects I found. My work always exists on the seam lines and in the tension between different cultures and different genders, trying to see what should remain hidden and in a unique way that allows photography to organize and arrange the representation of “objective” reality.

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