Paul Sisson

Paul Sisson is a 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography graduate from the University of Colorado Denver. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, he currently resides in Arvada, CO. His work has been shown across the country in a wide array of solo and group exhibitions and publications. He has recently been a part of shows at the Masur Museum of Art, Griffin Museum of Photography, Center for Fine Art Photography, and published in Fraction Magazine. Paul is represented by Michael Warren Contemporary in Denver, CO and his ongoing body of work, Not So Far From Here, can be found on his website,

Not So Far From Here

Not So Far From Here is a unique photographic portrait of the Western American landscape. The images seek beauty in non-traditional places, show a crumbling rural culture, and find humor in simple and subtle ways. The project emphasizes the journey, rather than the destination, and explores the things that can be found by slowing down and taking in the world that lies beyond the tunnel vision that so often dominates our daily lives. Over the last several years, Sisson has been collecting these scenes during open-ended, unplanned road trips throughout the Western states. Originating from his home in Colorado, he has traveled through 21 states and driven over 21,000 miles spanning 16 separate trips since 2012. With an emphasis and enjoyment for the process, Not So Far From Here is a thoughtful look at life on the open road.

To view more of Paul’s work please visit his website.