Matthew J Brown

Matthew J. Brown is a visual artist living in East Tennessee. Brown received his B.F.A. from East Tennessee State University in 2015. Brown’s work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured in Documentum, iGNANT, It’s Nice That, Oxford American, the Latent Image, among others. His work resides in the public collection at East Tennessee State University.

New Developments

New Developments is an ongoing body of work which attempts to document a region in transition, one whose relationship with the landscape has greatly shifted, becoming less reliant on agriculture in favor of real estate. The identity of the region is redefined through the prevalence of these projects. These developments alter the topography and in turn, the culture of the area. These structures make the landscape non-specific and ubiquitous, homogenized by big box stores. I question what makes a place suitable for development, commerce, interaction, and habitation. These subjects begin to unknowingly act as symbols, functioning as monuments of contemporary culture and as historical artifacts existing simultaneously within Southern Appalachia.

To view more of Matthew’s work please visit his website.