Dave Imms

Dave Imms was born in Brighton, UK in 1985, he graduated from UCA Rochester in 2009 with BA in Photography. He currently lives and works out of London, UK, shooting personal endeavors as well as editorially and commercially for clients such as Mulberry, Krug Champagne, The Week, INT Printed Pages, The Wellcome Trust, 11Freunde, LAW and more.Imms’ work is heavily focussed on people and all facets of their lives, often going beyond the occasional snapshot and portrait and becoming more of a series-led investigation into existence and cold romance of reality.

His work takes inspiration from documentary photography but is often associated with a more premium, graphic aesthetic, hence the association with a diverse range of clients. The premier aspect of Imms’ work is portraying a character and delivering an emotion, albeit macabre and dark.


The Air Training Corps are the RAF Cadets with ages ranging between 12 and 20 years old. Although nationwide they have over 30 squadrons in London alone. This project, which is still on-going, is an investigation into the cadets and their heritage. Typically recognized as a traditionally British institution, the ATC provides support and development for children from all backgrounds, races, and creeds in their most formative years, teaching discipline and offering something other than the general belief of what kids get up to these days. Aside from my social interest in the project, this is very much about blue, as you can see.

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