Benjamin Davis

Ben Davis recently graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) after earning a BFA in Fine Art Photography and a BS in Photographic and Imaging Technologies. He is a visual artist working in the medium of photography. His current focuses are still life images, whether they are found or constructed. He is also interested in work exploring the modern urban environment. In order to bring a physicality to the photographs, Ben enjoys creating hand-bound books. He is currently based in North Jersey.

Garden State

The urban sprawl of New Jersey has two contrasting nicknames; “Garden State” and the “Armpit of America”. After graduation, I immediately moved to New Jersey to begin a new job. The project began as a way to familiarize myself with my new home and to stay in practice. I did this by shooting every day after work in my neighborhood and the surrounding areas. It was also a therapeutic way for me to have something familiar after moving to a new place.

These sometimes minimal and simple images are my way of picking out details in an over commercialized environment and expressing how I view my new temporary home. While all of these photographs are not made in New Jersey, they represent my feelings about my momentary residence. I am naturally drawn to the ordinary and mundane in our everyday environment, and interested in how they can take on a new meaning in the context of different settings. Recurring themes pop up and weave together to visually illustrate my take on the state that often polarizes people’s opinions.

To view more of Ben’s work please visit his website.