Julie Grace Immink

Julie Grace Immink is a social documentary photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. She was born in the wagon of a traveling show. Her work is whimsical, unusual, provocative, raw and humanistic. Exploring the streets with her camera is how she connects to the surrounding world. Her photographs of human settlement are saturated with thoughts on life, death, faith and community. She gains inspiration from anything old and broken but believes in healing and restoration. She studied photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.


These photographs are from my ongoing project called Transitions. The story is about the journey of moving my father across the country from New Jersey to California. Health issues determined that he was no longer able to live alone. He has depression, diabetes, and a mild cognitive impairment. He needed to move from his mobile home of the past twenty-five years into an assisted living facility near me in Los Angeles. The process has been difficult for both of us. Photography is an outlet for me to process anything that I am struggling with. It was a natural unfolding to document this transition as I lived through it. I photographed his neighbors, favorite diners, and hangouts in his hometown along with the new spots and people in his new home in California. His life has changed for the better since he has acclimated to his new environment. These photographs tell the story and trials of aging. The images explore how community shapes our identity.

To view more of Julie’s work please visit her website.