Chris Lee

Photo collective ‘Tripod City’, a.k.a. Charlie Kwai, Chris Lee & Paul Storrie travel abroad to challenge stereotypes and reveal a fresh, modern perspective on developing countries with their photography. They create photo books and exhibitions in the UK based on their discoveries in order to entice people to go travel and experience these places for themselves, without preconceptions.

In the past, Tripod City have visited China and Ghana to explore contemporary culture however, in 2016 they decided to go to Mexico in light of the attention the country was receiving in the media during Trump’s rise to power as U.S. president. Their aim was to empower Mexico in a positive light and reveal Mexico for what it is – a truly welcoming, charismatic and passionate country.

They visited 6 different cities across Mexico in the space of five weeks, photographing thousands of people on hundreds of streets. In the end, they carefully selected 100 of their photographs to put into a book around the theme of love, life, and death.

Sweet Dreams

SWEET DREAMS, a publication of street photography that delves into the heart and soul of Mexico. The book collates over 100 photographs that explore themes of love, life, and death, inspired by cultural traditions such as Day of the Dead, brought to life through unexpected modern-day interpretations. The photographs combine a mix of portraiture, still life and street photography from the bustling cities of Mexico City and Guadalajara to the dusty streets of Oaxaca and Guanajuato.

‘Sweet Dreams’ is currently on Kickstarter to help fund the book’s production. Check it out and consider supporting this project!

To view more of Chris Lee, and Tripod City’s work please visit their website.

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