Virginia Hanusik

Virginia Hanusik is an artist who explores the connections between architecture, landscape, and identity. Her most recent projects draw influence from coastal communities around the world experiencing the effects of climate change. She holds a BA in Urban Studies from Bard College and has been supported by the Graham Foundation and the Mellon Foundation for her work around architecture in Louisiana. Her photographs have been featured in publications such as The Atlantic, Fast Company, Places Journal, Oxford American, and Newsweek. She lives in New Orleans.

Impossible City

Founded on the deltaic plain of the Mississippi River, New Orleans has been described as the impossible yet inevitable city because of its complex geography that tests the boundaries of human engineering. As New Orleans celebrates its 300th anniversary this year, there is particular attention paid to its uncertain future in the age of climate change. Rising sea levels and coastal erosion threaten the city so integral to American identity, but within the levee walls there continues to be the same uniqueness, energy, and aesthetic beauty as when it was founded.

This project focuses on the urbanization of New Orleans and how a distinct sense of place is perpetuated through the built environment. The images seek to portray the multiple identities that the city captures; land and water, North and South, American mainland and coastal port.

To view more of Virginia’s work please visit her website.