Kathya Maria Landeros

Kathya Maria Landeros is a photographer and educator whose work explores Mexican American identity and the immigrant experience. She has photographed throughout the American West in established Latino communities and in Mexico as a Fulbright Fellow. Prior to earning a graduate degree in photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, she received an undergraduate degree in English literature and Hispanic studies from Vassar College.


For the past several years, I have worked on personal projects that relate to my experience growing up as a first-generation Mexican-American immigrant. Dulce is a chapter of an ongoing photographic exploration on Latino communities in the United States.

Dulce, which translates to sweetness in Spanish, depicts the saccharine and color filled world of family and friends. Set primarily in the suburban world of California, the place where my parents who emigrated from Mexico dreamed of raising a family in the comforts of a two-story tract home, Dulce is a world of Fourth of July celebrations, pool parties, bike rides, T-ball games, abuelitas, and chihuahuas. Dulce evokes the fond memories I grew up with and is my Latino version of living out the American dream.

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