Amanda Greene

Amanda Greene is one of our favorite southern artists. We might even co-publish a hot dog book one day… Amanda Greene grew up in Atlanta, GA then traveled west to attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA (BFA, 1997). She lived in Southern California for seventeen years and returned to Georgia in 2010. Greene’s work has been published in The New York Times, The Oxford American, Garden & Gun Magazine, Aint–Bad Magazine, and featured on The Bitter Southerner and the New York Times LENS blog. She currently lives in Danielsville, GA.

Humid and Tiresome

The following excerpt from Matt McCann’s New York Times LENS blog feature about my work offers insight in to my project;

“She returned to Georgia and, her perspective sharpened by time away, photographed the people, items and texture of the place she wanted to preserve. Junked American cars, hand-painted signs, the grocery store her grandparents took her to were unchanged after decades. That nostalgic pull lends her work and out-of-time quality, so that contemporary flash points – the occasional Confederate flag, for instance – are rare, but the do crop up.
Her work, she insists, isn’t intended to be political. ‘But it is something that has a presence – certainly a visual presence,’ she said.
Largely, however, her personal work connects because she has connected with its subject matter herself in much the same way.
‘That’s something special that people have told me – regular people who aren’t photographers or aren’t in that community – that they felt, looking at my work, it reminded them of riding around in a pickup truck with their grandpa when they were a kid over the summer, or something like that, and I take that as a huge compliment,’ she said. ‘Even if it was just a little moment, of something you saw out the window of a car. That, I think, can be kind of beautiful.'”

To view more of Amanda’s work please visit her website.

2015 Virginia Twinam Smith Purchase Award, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
2017 Hambidge Center Fellow, Rabun Gap, GA