Stanley Bloom

Stanley Bloom (b.1987, France) works as a freelance photographer and graphic-designer in Paris. Photography has always been a deep passion and graphic design compliments and influences his aesthetic vision. As an image maker and storyteller, his sensual visual language brings to light the beauty hidden in everyday life, while exploring our relationship with nature. He created and currently curates the new contemporary photography platform Velvet Eyes.

Whispering Souls

“Perception begins with the change of sensation;
hence the necessity of travel”. — André Gide

Set in Quebec during a blazing summer, this tale gathers instants from a very conscious time for me. A time that I can feel right here, right now. Whispering Souls seeks to trigger our consciousness, the awakening of the senses and the spirit while experiencing life. This body of work was shot under the blazing summer during a travel to Quebec. Thanks to the abundance and accessibility of natural resources, especially the forest, people from the area enjoy a special connection to the land. Therefore, it came to me that I needed to pursue my quest for highlighting the presence of nature, which always grant me peace of mind as this instinctive feeling awakes my spirit. When shooting, I think it is important for me to free myself from a pre-established concept and escape from overthinking the process, to be able to release my mind, leaving all the space necessary in me to accommodate fresh images without judgment. I drive my attention to what surrounds me, and then begin to be aware of these little things. Moreover, traveling away from my habits have also played a role in stimulating my perception, helping me come out of my comfort zone and renew my eye. On the fence between urban and wilderness, within a quiet backdrop, Whispering Souls is an ode to the present moment where you can listen to the murmurs of life.

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