Matthew Bradley

Matthew Bradley (b.1992) completed a BA in Graphic Design in 2013 at the Stellenbosch Academy, after which he studied his Honours in Curatorship at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Since then Matthew has continued to work and live Cape Town South Africa. 

Lucid Dreams and Recurring Nightmares

‘Lucid Dreams and Recurring Nightmares’ is a book I am working towards which will bring together a selection of images from my work over the past few years. Working in an “on-going” manner I have collected and made images that investigate the environments that are both seemingly familiar and unfamiliar to me. Many of these photographs were taken in spaces in which I spent a great deal of time, or of objects that have been in these spaces. In other instances, a certain environment or object (unfamiliar to me) will seem familiar or remind me of something else, much like a case of déjà vu. In this ongoing work, I explore the space between (my own) reality and fiction, consciousness and a dream-like state of mind. The upcoming book is my first attempt to make sense of body of work. By drawing connections between certain images and memories of these environments and objects, much of my interest lies in how time can change which details are emphasized and remembered, or focused on.

To view more of Matthew’s work please visit his website.