Shawn Campbell

Shawn Campbell is a artist located in the Southeast United States. He is an M.F.A. candidate at The University of Georgia and has earned a B.F.A. from The University of Akron. His work explores the interactions, bounds, habits, and values of people who have come from different backgrounds, goals, and beliefs. He is attracted to the interactions, experiences, and lives that bring groups of people together. By documenting and participating Shawn is able to bring an authentic experience to his viewers.

The End of a Perfect Day

Spectacles have become a powerhouse of influence that reach north to south, and east to west, within the United States. Violence, competition and the unknown have entertained people for thousands of years, while also drawing people into a world that can easily overtake them. Documenting the experiences that surround a spectacle allows for a unique insight to the inner workings and complex interactions that are overlooked.

To view more of Shawn’s work please visit his website.