George Voronov

George Voronov (b. 1993) is a fine-art and documentary photographer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. He is the co-founder of Junior, a print-only photographic journal, and arts organization that celebrates emerging Irish documentary photography.

Having pursued a degree in History and Political Science at Trinity College, Dublin, specializing in the social history of the European Reformation, he gained a profound interest in studying complex group identities in order to study hidden sociological mechanisms that influenced landmark historical events. He is currently an MFA candidate at Ulster University under the tutelage of Ken Grant and Donovan Wylie. The core of his development at Ulster lies in an attempt to marry elements of historical and sociological analysis with his photographic practice.

Thematically, his work seeks to uncover the surreal within the banal and the ordinary within the extraordinary. Recently, his projects have been focused on exploring the realms of culture and ritual. He balances his personal artistic practice with editorial and commercial commissions.

Criss-Cross Applesauce

“Criss-Cross Applesauce” is a scrapbook of images that started out as a travel diary but morphed into a meditation on friendship, love, and nostalgia.

2017 was a particularly tough year. It was a year defined by professional anxieties, mounting artistic frustration, and a series of personal crises of the sort that only swing by once a decade.

My two weeks in Vancouver were the perfect antidote. They were spent wrapped up in the company of old friends, skating along the damp tarmac, and embarking on illicit late-night pizza quests. Most of all, they were spent (re)discovering that friendship is a priceless resource.

These were two weeks defined by warmth, shared meals, and spontaneous bouts of hugging.

To view more of George’s work please visit his website.